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Gmax Electric India is a prominent enterprise, engaged in providing a highly advanced range of Lightning Protection System, Chemical Earthing System, Earth Enhancing Compound, Earthing Accessories, Chemical Earthing Material, Polyplastic Earthing Pit Cover, etc. Backed by a team of ingenious professionals, we have successfully been serving varying demands of clients by rendering customized solutions to clients in different specifications. We believe in the utilization of superior grade raw materials and contemporary techniques throughout the production process. Clients are prior to us and we believe in introducing new theories and business concepts that are beneficial for them. We serve clients in electrical, electronics, mechanical and automotive industries to protect clients and premises against lightning hazards. Located at New Delhi, India, we promise to deliver value-added products to clients without compromise in quality.

Key Facts

Nature of Business

Manufacturer,Wholesaler, Distributor and Supplier

Year of Establishment


No.of Employees


Monthly Production Capacity

As per the Orders

Original Equipment Manufacturer


Warehousing Facility



Punjab National Bank

Production Type


Other Information 

Major Products

Chemical Earthing Products & Allied Items

Targeted Market

All Over India, Especially North India

Provides Warranty, for a certain period of time

5 Years

After Sales Services


Easy Payment Options

Cash, Cheque, DD,Credit Card, Debit Card, etc.

24*7 Customer Support


Return Policy Available


Delivery Time

1 to 2 Days

Order Cancellation & Refund Available


Product Index

Our complete product range includes:

  • Earthing Electrode
    • GI Strip
    • Copper Clad Rod
    • Earthing Pipe
    • Electrical Earthing Electrode
    • Alloy Coated Earthing Electrode
    • Earthing Pipe Electrode
    • Transformer Earthing Electrode
    • Earthing Electrode Rod
    • Mobile Earthing Electrode
    • Graphite Electrodes Earthing
    • Gel Earthing Electrode
  • Grounding System
    • Grounding Earthing System
    • Plate Earthing Systems
    • Electrical Earthing Equipment
    • Earthing GI Strip
  • Chemical Earthing Rods
    • Copper Chemical Earthing Rods
  • Chemical Earthing Electrodes
    • Copper Chemical Earth Electrode
    • Chemical Earthing Electrode
    • Chemical Earthing Electrode System
    • Chemical Gel Earthing Electrodes
    • Chemical Ground Electrode
  • Copper Bonded Electrode
    • Copper Bonded Grounding Electrode
    • Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode
    • Grounding Electrode Rod
    • Copper Bonded Earthing Rods for DC Systems
    • Copper Bonded Steel Electrodes
    • Copper Bonded Electrodes
    • Copper Electrodes
    • Copper Earthing Electrode
    • GI & Copper Earthing Electrode
    • Earthing Copper Bonded Rod Coupler
  • Copper Earthing Rod
    • Copper Earthing Rod
    • Threaded Copper Rod
    • Copper Bonded Earthing Rods
    • Copper Ground Rods
    • Copper Clad Earth Rods
    • Copper Bonded Ground Rods
    • Copper Clad Ground Rod
    • UL Listed Copper Bonded Ground Rod
  • GI Earthing Electrode
    • GI Earthing Electrode Backfill Rod
    • GI Pipe Earthing Electrode
    • GI Earthing Electrodes
    • Pipe in Pipe Earthing Electrode
  • 4G Earthing Electrode
    • Portable Mobile Earthing System
    • 4G Earthing Electrode
  • Lightning Protection Rod
    • Lightning Rod Arrester
    • Lightning Rod
    • Thundering Protector
    • Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal
    • FRP Mast
  • Advanced Earthing Solutions
    • Ground Enhancing Backfill Compound
    • Highly Conductive Grounding Gel
    • Grounding Gel
    • OHM Electro Magnetic Grounding
  • Lightning and Surge Arrester
    • Transient Surge Protector
    • Industrial Arrestors
    • ESE Lightning Protection Arrester
    • Lightning Protector
    • ESE Lightning Terminal
    • Photovoltaic System Lightning Arrester
    • Lightning Arrester Conductor
    • Air Termination Rod
    • Control Early Streamer Lightning Arrester
  • Earth Enhancing Compound
    • Grounding Conductivity Improver
    • Back Fill Compound Gel
    • Ground Enhancing Mineral
    • Soil Reactivation Earthing Compound
  • Chemical Earthing Material
    • Earthing Backfill Compound
    • Ground Enhancement Material
    • Copper Earthing Material
    • Exothermic Welding Material
    • GI Earthing Material
    • Cable Tray
    • Copper Coil
    • Exothermic Welding Copper Powder
    • Chemical Earthing Grounding Safety
    • Ground Rod Clamps
    • Earthing Grids
    • Chemical Earthing System
  • Lightning Protection System
    • Lightning Strike Counter
    • Spike Lightning Conductor
    • Lighting Arrestor
    • Direct Lightning Counter
    • Lightning Event Counter
    • Spike Lightning Earthing Rods
    • Lightning Conductors
    • ESE Lightning Arrester
  • Welding Material
    • Exothermic Welding Moulds
    • Exothermic Welding Product
  • Pit Covers
    • Earthing Grounding Pit Inspection Covers
    • Frp Earthing Pit Cover
    • Ploy Plastic Pit Cover
    • Polyplastic Earthing Pit Cover
    • Earthing Pit Cover
    • Earthing Chamber Cover
  • Earthing Electrode Material
    • Earthing Equipment Safety
    • Earthing Clamps and Couplers
    • MEEB Busbars

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B-140, Subhash Park Extension, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, 110059, India
Phone :+918068095167